IMG_4257        My name is Suze and I’m a writer from Victoria, Australia.       I’m normally a busy multi-tasking girl but a health setback 12 months ago has seen me snoozing through life (hence the title). While Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is certainly no fun, it has made me see the things that really matter in life, and take notice of what makes me happy. There’s a cliché that sums it up – you can only see the stars when it’s truly dark. So this blog is to document the highs and the lows of a fatigued 27-year-old who likes to bake, read, write, edit, go exploring, speak French, take photos and enjoy life.




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  2. What a fantastic blog! And unfortunately, one I can relate to all too well. Thank you so much for sharing your story and offering such great inspiration and advice to us fellow CFS sufferers. Best of luck to you on your journey! How can I subscribe (or whatever it is called in the blogging world) so that I can see future blogs/posts you’ve written? I’m very intrigued as to your continued improvement and I hope to be able to find better footing in my CFS journey using your words of wisdom and advice. Thanks so much! You’re truly an inspiration!

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  3. I have just come accross your blog and can so relate. I am fortunate that my CFS still allows me to go work however dreadful this could be. I feel mentally and emotionally loaded.
    I am from Amman Jordan and CFS is next to unexistant here…”you’re fine, nothing is wrong with you, you need to go out more and shake it off”…this kind of attitude just adds to the misery of being tired, having endless migraines and nausea that makes it hard to breathe!
    Trying to stay positive is another struggle that only people with CFS can understand!

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  4. hi again.

    i need a little advise. there is an outing planned tmw with friends. i am afraid if i go i will have a relapse the other day and i need to go to work. and if i dnt, i will end up home feeling miserable and angry with life. i don’t know what to do, i feel trapped into being tired all the time and i know that time is running and i am standing still fighting being sick…this has been my case for the last couple of years. I am 32 and most of energy and time are wasted at some doctor’s clinic. i am thinking, when will start living???


  5. Just came across your blog. You’re inspiring despite this awful illness. Sufferes need to stay united and strong. I’m still searching for answers and background of this condition which has been given so many names, no wonder those who “name it” are wealthy! Keep your thoughts flowing x


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