I can’t “do it mine own self” with CFS

bucketkidThis is me as a kid, an independent stubborn little tyke known to utter things like, “I do it mine own self” when confronted with something challenging and not wanting help from my parents. Not much has changed since then, I still want to do everything myself (group projects were an anathema to me!) Read on

I accidentally went surfing…

me blue dress smileYep, that’s right, I, Snooze Mackenzie, CFS warrior and worrier, accidentally went surfing on Monday! What, did I trip and somehow find myself on a floating board in the ocean? Well, no, it was a decision I made, one that was fun, but one that freaked me out as well and has had me on the foam roller twice a day since! Read on

I slept properly last night!

jumpI’m writing this after the first good night’s sleep I’ve had in a week and I feel like a completely different person. Woo hoo, sleep is the bomb. You’d think I get a lot of sleep, being chronically fatigued and all, but that’s one of the weirder parts of CFS in that you’re exhausted but find it hard to sleep.  Read on

Fatigue Memes

openerSo the other day a good friend was visiting me (who understands all too well the shitfullness of fatigue, having had it in high school) and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon creating fatigue memes. Some got a bit bitter and twisted, some were very dark, but most made us laugh. Here are a few that tickled our fancy… Read on