Fatigue Memes

openerSo the other day a good friend was visiting me (who understands all too well the shitfullness of fatigue, having had it in high school) and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon creating fatigue memes. Some got a bit bitter and twisted, some were very dark, but most made us laugh. Here are a few that tickled our fancy… Read on

A Delicate Balance

balanceroundedcroppedPost-viral fatigue basically imploded my life last year. I was a busy multi-tasking girl balancing a career in publishing with postgrad study as well as playing lacrosse, doing boot camp, having a social life, heading home to the farm every other weekend and whatever else I was trying to squeeze in to the month. Read on

Running, Running

twoRunning a race. Running out of energy. Running on empty. Running can mean different things to different people – to the exercise haters it inspires terror with memories of high school cross countries – but to those of us who actually enjoy our body performing in this way it’s a drug like no other.
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