Alarm Bells Ringing

crashMayday Mayday Mayday! I am without power, crash approaching, arm your battle stations, this is not a drill. Oh dear, I’ve done too much, I knew I was pushing it but I was having so much fun so I decided to push through. Pushing through worked for me for 26 years, maybe it would again? Err, no. Read on

CFS Awareness Day

batteryIt’s CFS Awareness Day today people! I’m wearing blue (the CFS colour) and heading to the CFS Health Centre this evening to gather with other chronically fatigued warriors and find some solidarity. It won’t be a late night, we’re bringing blankets and pillows and it will be delightfully low-key. I’ll also be surrounded by people who 100 percent understand my illness. Yes! Read on

I accidentally went surfing…

me blue dress smileYep, that’s right, I, Snooze Mackenzie, CFS warrior and worrier, accidentally went surfing on Monday! What, did I trip and somehow find myself on a floating board in the ocean? Well, no, it was a decision I made, one that was fun, but one that freaked me out as well and has had me on the foam roller twice a day since! Read on

Only TV Addicts Should Apply


“Whatever you do Mum, don’t get post-viral fatigue!” I said this to my Mum when she recently came back from overseas with a combination of the flu and jet lag and was not a happy camper. This was understandable, but as this caged lioness paced around the house waiting to be better it dawned on me that she was really not made for post-viral fatigue. Read on

Fatigue Memes

openerSo the other day a good friend was visiting me (who understands all too well the shitfullness of fatigue, having had it in high school) and we spent a very enjoyable afternoon creating fatigue memes. Some got a bit bitter and twisted, some were very dark, but most made us laugh. Here are a few that tickled our fancy… Read on