Make my health my priority

mybyfireWhat’s that? My health is more important than the obligation to attend a family event that I don’t want to go to anyway? Yes! What’s that, my health is more important than a coffee date I’d like to go on but will inevitably crash on the other side of? Well yes, but I’d rather go have coffee and not crash, can’t I do that? Not always. Read on

Just let me go for a run!

shoesI found a photo in my room today of me at the Inter-school APS Athletics Finals in Melbourne in 2005 running in the 4x100m relay. My arm is outstretched for the baton, I’ve got my serious Suze focussed face on and I’m about to sprint to the finish line. So, that was 2005… Now? My legs are sore from wearing high heels yesterday, so yeah, a bit of a difference. Read on

Let’s Go Ride a Bike!

mbikeI rode my bike on Saturday! I rode my freaking bike! I was like a kid on Christmas Day who’d found a bike attached to a string leading from the tree. I pushed off and took a few pedals – 14 months of fatigue hasn’t stolen my ability to ride – then increased my speed and stood up on the pedals, leaning over my handlebars and wiggling the wheels down the path. Read on