I accidentally went surfing…

me blue dress smileYep, that’s right, I, Snooze Mackenzie, CFS warrior and worrier, accidentally went surfing on Monday! What, did I trip and somehow find myself on a floating board in the ocean? Well, no, it was a decision I made, one that was fun, but one that freaked me out as well and has had me on the foam roller twice a day since! Read on

Make my health my priority

mybyfireWhat’s that? My health is more important than the obligation to attend a family event that I don’t want to go to anyway? Yes! What’s that, my health is more important than a coffee date I’d like to go on but will inevitably crash on the other side of? Well yes, but I’d rather go have coffee and not crash, can’t I do that? Not always. Read on

Mental (adjustments)

crazymeI’ve been having an interesting time inside my head these last 15 months trying to wrangle all the scary thoughts about fatigue and adjust to this much-altered lifestyle. The hardest thing I’ve had to do is accept that I can’t do everything my “old self” or “healthy self” could do, and that sucks. Read on

Only TV Addicts Should Apply


“Whatever you do Mum, don’t get post-viral fatigue!” I said this to my Mum when she recently came back from overseas with a combination of the flu and jet lag and was not a happy camper. This was understandable, but as this caged lioness paced around the house waiting to be better it dawned on me that she was really not made for post-viral fatigue. Read on